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Tax planning for companies, freelancers, professionals and individuals. Tax consultancy services for entrepreneurs who want to find out about the taxes and duties they are obliged to pay when setting up a company, tax advantages, etc.; all aimed at obtaining economic savings by complying with the corresponding legislation and tax obligations in each case. Comprehensive management of Corporate Tax and legal-commercial consultancy services (Incorporation of commercial and professional companies, advice on the purchase and sale of commercial companies, preparation of annual accounts and filing with the Commercial Registry, preparation and advice on the Articles of Association, among others). Comprehensive management of Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax and Non-Resident Tax. Comprehensive management of Value Added Tax. Integral management of the AEAT’s new Immediate Information System (SII). Tax and accounting consolidation. Permanent attention and resolution of queries on the above subjects. Assistance to clients in tax inspections, whether local, regional or national. Lodging of appeals and claims both in the administrative phase and in contentious-tax proceedings. Tax management: deferrals and instalments, requests for the refund of undue income, pleadings, and response to summons, among others. Comprehensive management and planning of inheritances, donations, sales and purchases and any other economic operation (including coordination with the Notary’s Office in the conversion of documents into public deeds, tax advice and settlement of the corresponding taxes, registration of the real estate in the Land Registry in the name of the new owners, and advice on subsequent tax incidents such as personal income tax returns and the settlement of municipal capital gains tax, among others). Any other declaration that, due to your activity, you are obliged to make by tax legislation.

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Advice on the development of the General Accounting Plan, adapted to the particular needs of your company. Advice on the structure, form and codification of economic movements according to the General Accounting Plan. Permanent attention to queries by telephone, email or scheduled visits to our office. Visits at the client’s request, by our advisor at the designated work centre. Monthly review of the company’s accounts by means of a list of the General Balance Sheet. Report on the accounting incidents detected and special control over the entries related to your tax obligations. Interconnection with your tax consultancy (external to our organisation or with our division, if you have contracted this service) in order to coordinate criteria.


Reception of your accounting documentation on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis (depending on the client’s interest and volume). Classification, sorting and computer processing of said documentation. Follow-up, punctuation and reconciliation of your bank accounts, clients, suppliers, etc. Issuance of the corresponding accounting lists, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and reports in periodicity and extension according to the client’s needs, and in accordance with their tax and commercial obligations. Filing of the accounting books with the Commercial Registries and the Tax Agency, as appropriate. Drafting and issuing of management reports, annual accounts and their submission to the Commercial Registry.

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My deep vocation for tax law means that I am constantly studying and updating my knowledge in order to guarantee the best service for the benefit of my clients.” 

María del Mar Mauro
Head of Department
Law graduate from the University of the Balearic Islands and lawyer specialising in Tax Law.

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