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We offer a comprehensive service against any labour contingency to companies and professional organisations with the utmost dedication and professionalism. We are your trusted labour advisor and manager, let us help you!


  • Advice on Labour Law, Social Security, Employment, recruitment, bonuses and subsidies, etc.
  • Permanent attention to queries on the aforementioned subjects.
  • Affiliation, registration, variations and deregistration of workers with the Social Security.
  • Processing of the company’s payroll, drawing up a monthly receipt for each worker, the receipts corresponding to the legally or conventionally established extraordinary bonuses.
  • Preparation of monthly Social Security settlements, based on the payroll process.
  • Drawing up monthly lists of the social security costs of each worker, for study and, if necessary, accounting.
  • Control of situations of Incapacity for Work (IT), derived from illness, accident or maternity, etc.
  • Appearances before public social organisations, to carry out procedures related to the ordinary working life of the company, derived from the related procedures.
  • Processing and follow-up until resolution of work and residence permits, obtaining identification numbers, etc.
  • Advice and management of company registration, application for permits to open work centres for work purposes, etc.

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We are your employment and labour consultancy in Palma de Mallorca

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“It is a real pleasure to be part of an expert team with more than 25 years of professional experience providing solutions in the workplace”.

Cristina Company
Head of department

Graduate in labour relations from the University of the Balearic Islands and member of the Il-lustre Col.legi Oficial Graduats Socials de les Illes Balears since 2017. Head of the department since 2013. 

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