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Your Property Administrator in Palma de Mallorca

We are your registered property administrator in Palma de Mallorca! Our team of professionals take care of the day to day running of your community both in administrative matters and in community incidents in what we consider to be the key services for your community of owners.


MB Consulting - Servicios administración de fincas - Tramitación de siniestros en Palma de Mallorca

Community claims

Communication and contact with the insurance company. Monitoring and control until the incident is resolved.

MB Consulting - Servicios administración de fincas - Mantenimiento y Conservación en Palma de Mallorca

Maintenance and upkeep of properties

We have technical and human resources for the maintenance and upkeep that your Community may require. We request estimates which we present to the Community for acceptance. We process all the technical reports required.

MB Consulting - Servicios de administración de fincas - Asesoramiento jurídico laboral

Legal labour advice

We have a team of lawyers specialised in Horizontal Property. We offer labour and tax advice for our clients. Preparation and payment of payroll. Social Security. Personal income tax returns. Processing and obtaining digital certificates. Registration with the RGPD. Registration and monitoring of the 060 mailbox with digital certificate.

MB Consulting - Servicios de administración de fincas - Gestión de juntas de propietarios en Palma de Mallorca

Management of Property Owners’ Meetings

We help you in this complex task in order to minimise your time and obtain the best solution times for problems arising from the meetings. Drafting of minutes.

MB Consulting - Servicios de administración de fincas - Control de gastos en Palma de Mallorca

Control of community expenses

Preparation of the Annual Expenses Budget Budget deviations. Annual settlement of expenses and income. Verification of payments. Accounting of receipts and unpaid bills. Distribution of expenses and obtaining the balance. Periodic sending of the statement of accounts detailing income and expenditure according to the agreement of the Community. Control and payment of all economic obligations (periodic and exceptional) acquired by the Community. The issuing and collection of receipts. Control of unpaid bills, with telephone and written follow-up..

Your on-line property administrador

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We are your registered property administrator

A seal of guarantee for our team that ensures the best operation of our work for our clients.

24 hour emergencies

We have a 24 hour emergency telephone number accessible to our clients that will help you in times of greatest need. If you have an emergency, call us!

Committed to you
8 reasons why you should choose us

  • We are a registered property administrator in the Balearic Islands.
  • Civil Liability Insurance of 600.000 euros granted by the Association of Property Administrators of the Balearic Islands, which responds to our professional performance in the property.
  • Title of Expert Property Administrator, university studies recommended by the General Council of Associations of Property Administrators of Spain to carry out our profession, which requires legal, accounting, administrative, architectural, etc. knowledge.
  • We have been managing communities since 1980, with a team ready to attend to your needs.
  • We are located close to our clients, right in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, with easy access.
  • Our 250 m2 offices are spacious and comfortable, with a waiting room, meeting room, reception, offices and all the technological and computer equipment to attend you as you deserve.
  • We rely on guaranteed suppliers dedicated to the maintenance of communities, with unbeatable prices in the sector.
  • Such is our confidence in our work that during the first year it is possible to terminate the contract at any time with 30 days’ notice, without waiting for the contract to expire.

Access your community wherever you are

We include within our service the possibility of accessing in real time to much of the information you require, facilitating both the consultation of the same as the ability to launch specific actions: reserve your common areas, register and monitor incidents in your community, delegate your vote, keep up to date with your receipts. If you do not have your access yet, request it through our contact mailbox!

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I am dedicated to administering communities with the rigour that the profession requires. I am a qualified, serious and dynamic property administrator, with extensive training and business experience specialising in communities of neighbours” 

Gonzalo Burela
Head of property department

Degree in property administration from the University of Law of Alcalá de Henares.
Senior technician in administration and finance.
In charge of the department since 2018.

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