Grants or subsidies for improving accessibility in homeowners’ associations

The Department of Social Affairs and Sports has launched a call for subsidies aimed at homeowners’ associations to finance the necessary projects to facilitate access to properties for both the elderly and people with disabilities and/or in a situation of dependency. 1,100,276.13 euros and is financed by the European Union-Next Generation within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.


The deadline for submitting applications and documentation is now open until 15 September 2022.

Who can benefit

The beneficiaries are the communities of owners of buildings located in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands where people over 65 years of age, people with recognised disabilities of any degree and/or people in a situation of dependency reside and who are registered at least before the year 2020.

Eligible expenses are for remodelling, adaptations, refurbishments and/or the acquisition of equipment aimed at improving universal accessibility conditions, which ensure access to the building and/or the rest of the facilities in the communal areas for the elderly, disabled and/or dependent persons.

What are the eligible actions

Installation of lifts, including works that are justified as indispensable, such as the demolition and new construction of the stairwell.

Installation of other devices to improve accessibility or the carrying out of other works, such as video intercoms, ramps, enlargement of lift cabins, increase in the number of stops or elevator platforms or improvement of lighting, among others.

Actions to guarantee accessibility from the public road to each building, such as the elimination of steps and stairs between the street and the building or the replacement of access doors to doorways, among others.

Actions to improve signage and communication systems in the building, such as signage, installation of directional and warning tactile paving or installation of information or warning elements, light or sound signals that allow orientation in common areas, among others.

Installation of devices in common areas of buildings that improve accessibility, such as vertical lifting platforms, swimming pool cranes, automatic detection and opening systems, among others.

This new line of subsidies is in addition to the call aimed at improving the accessibility of infrastructures and equipment of local entities in the Balearic Islands (councils and town councils), which is now at the stage of studying the projects presented and which has a maximum amount of 964,785.21 euros for the years 2022 and 2023, also from the European Next Generation EU funds, from the Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030.

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